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NO more excuses to celebrate yourself, Celebrate you NOW! 
Thank you National Latina Business Women Association - Los Angeles (NLBWA-LA) for supporting us, Latina entrepreneurs, for shining the path way, for your encouragement & for creating a safe, loving space for us to grow & connect with amazing women. Thank you EC Hispanic Media team for inviting me to your space & helping entrepreneurs speak their truth & their why. 
For ever grateful for these wonderful organizations.

"I am so very glad I invested in myself and my business ..."

**Client Review*** Genoveva Meza Talbott, Esq. from the Law Unbundled says,

Portraits by Carla Perez from Besame Mucho Photography Inc.

Portraits by Carla Perez from Besame Mucho Photography Inc.

"I am so very glad I invested in myself and my business by booking a portrait session with Carla Perez. She is not only extremely talented, but she is just a sweetheart and a pleasure to work with. She consulted with me on clothing and jewelry choices and really understood my brand and aesthetic. I felt confident from day one that the portraits would be just what I wanted and needed. The finished product was more than I could have hoped for. Highly recommend booking a session with Besame Mucho Photography. You will thank yourself!"

Thank you so much for trusting in us to photograph your headshots for your amazing company. We are so delighted to see you shine in your new headshots & that we were able to exceed your expectations. We want to wish you a successful journey in your new chapter as a new entrepreneur. Congratulations! Besos from all of us at Besame Mucho Photography xoxox.   949-478-4374

How To Take a Selfie.

*Sound ON*

Love The Transformation.

We proud to say we can make you SMILE from ear to ear when you see your transformation. Just like our clients.  

I understand you might be wary of how you will photograph, maybe you think you are not photogenic, you look odd in pictures and so on. But I am here to tell you, that is MY job to make you photogenic, to guide you through every pose, expression and to have a really good time through out this amazing experience. I want to take the best portrait/head shot you have ever seen of yourself. 

We have our glam team ready to make you look stunning, I will guide you with your wardrobe, styling and I will pose you throughout your photoshoot.  

Are YOU ready for your transformation?

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Glamorous 62nd Birthday.

Celebrating your birthday is something special, especially when you have never existed in photographs, when you have always put everyone else first, your children, husband, family, business and so on. 

Now is the time to Celebrate you! This stunning woman decided to do her 60's right. She wanted to feel & look radiant, and that is what we did. 

Imagine your special day with pampering, getting your hair, makeup done & topping it all off with epic portraits that you can cherish forever.

We wish you many more years filled with love, health & wealth. Love you

New Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day

De Sa-95De Sa 201412.jpg

Oh Valentine's Day, how much I love thee.  I am in love with love and this month of love holds a special meaning for me, my husband asked me to be his girlfriend, awe. So I like to get creative on this month, not only for my husband but for my sisters, girlfriends and ME. 

This year, instead of chocolates and flowers, consider this: 

A little succulent garden. We’ll never get over how lush and long-lasting succulent plants can be. These little cuties charm anyone with their infinite shapes and varieties and colors, and they’ll last a long, long time. I can kill anything (plants), these puppies last. 

A day out. Yeah. Spend the whole day together. Is it binge-watching Celia on Netflix, Is it meandering aimlessly around town? Or is it a wine-tasting tour? Give it a try. After all, Valentine’s is a day to do what you love with whomever you love.

A better way to chocolate. If your Valentine really loves chocolate, why not give them a tour of a chocolate factory, or, better yet, take a workshop with them on how to make it? A quick search will turn up a number of options in your area. 

Okay, one for the bedroom.  How about trying something really new with your Valentine?  Sexy, portraits of you or with your love, Couple Boudoir photoshoot. We offer them here at Besame Mucho Photography.

What was your favorite Valentine’s Day gift ever? And what are you planning for this year?

I don't want to because I am not...

Image by Carla Perez Besame Mucho Photography.

I have always said to my self, "when I lose the weight I will do..." one of those things was to take Boudoir (sexy/intimate)  portraits of myself.  Before I was going to get married, I really, really wanted to surprise my fiancé with them, but of course, the dreaded, "your too fat for those pictures", voice came along and yup, you guessed it, I didn't take them. Ugh! I regret not taking them. But I take a deep breath and I just let it go (ok, I try).  

As of now, I am at my highest weight, my roundest, chunkiest, stuff jiggles where stuff I thought shouldn't jiggle, but I surprised myself, and it does jiggle, hahahha. Ok, ok, so I got to thinking, why don't I deserve to take sexy pictures of me, just as I am.  I see the beauty in all women at any age, any size, why can't I see it in me. So I called my hair and makeup artist, Lily G, to come over and do her magic on me.  And BAM! This is me at my at my highest weight (pic shown), my roundest, chunkiest, stuff jiggles where stuff I thought shouldn't jiggle, weight. 

I was actually nervous when I did my own photoshoot, I felt what all my clients felt, the nerves, the excitement, the anticipation, the what if I am not pretty enough, not good enough, and the blah blah blah of it all. 

And when all was done, I was speechless, all that doubt, the non deserving voices shut down and I felt Beautiful, but not only on the outside, I fell in love with myself, within ME; Me the person who has gained weight, who has struggled, who fought, who failed, who persevered, who conquered, I fell in LOVE with All of Me. The person I have become on the inside and the outside. I am no longer a weight, I no longer am a jean/dress size, I am Carla. A strong woman who wants to create, encourage, empower, see others conquer and strive. I am so much more that just a number, I am a deserving person. I realized that I was so harsh with myself.  I was talking to my self in such a disgusting, unimaginable way. I would NEVER say that to any one else, but here I was saying it to me on a daily basis. I realized that this way of speaking to my self had to STOP immediately.  The more I see this picture the more I believe in myself, my self worth, that I am deserving of all wonderful things. 

To the person who is stopping themselves from doing what they want to do, because of whatever reason, weight, appearance, race, age, I say take a deep breath and just JUMP!  Your soul deserves to be happy.