How To Keep Your Potential Clients Engaged.

When potential customers see your image they make a quick decision on whether they like you, trust you, if they keep clicking away on your website or just simply click away.  

As an entrepreneur we want our potential clients to stay on our website, on our social media page, to learn more of how we can help them with our products or services. 

When your first impression is professional, confident, empowered, trustworthy your chances of them purchasing from you increases.  Your images have to portray that feeling to them.  If you have a selfie on a beach in your shorts & they can barley see you in the picture, your potential clients are no longer interested in your business. Or when you have a selfie with someone else, with bad lighting and it's blurry and there is so much happening, they don't really trust whatever it is that they are looking at. 

Keep in mind your face, your image, YOU,  are representing your company, your business. Look as if you can do what ever it takes to make your client happy.  First impressions count, especially in this day in age where we are just one click away from buying or going on to the next.  Be the one who looks apart, looks professional and trustworthy. 

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