Husband Appreciation Day!

Portraits by Carla Perez Besame Mucho Photography

Portraits by Carla Perez Besame Mucho Photography

Saturday, April 15 Husband Appreciation Day 2017

I had no Idea there is such a Day for Husbands.

Father's Day is a special day celebrated around the world. And sometimes not all husbands are Fathers. So, why not celebrate All husbands. It is now observed worldwide in a very personal way.  It is a perfect time for spouses to show their love and appreciation for their man in their life who they want to grow old with. 

On this day & everyday I will appreciate and Love, like crazy, my Loving, Supporting, Caring, Funny, Handsome, love of my life, best friend Husband. I could have kept going but didn't want to bore you with all of my gushing over my hunny bunny. 

He was kind of enough to let me take this portrait of him while I was doing my photoshoot. 

My suggestion is, if you are going to take portraits of yourself try to include your loving partner. Portraits of the love of your life, is such a wonderful treasure to have with you for years to come.