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Priscilla, Mommy, Massage Therapist 

"Favorite part of the day is getting dolled up! I don't ever get to glam myself up with my job and lifestyle so it's nice! I feel like Cinderella. My favorite part of working with you is how you bring the best out in me. You make me laugh, you make me feel comfortable, you make me feel beautiful. I have a big heart and since I'm a Chronic sufferer of RBF (Resting Bitch Face), sometimes that warmth gets lost. It's good to see what my clients, and loved ones get to see. A photoshoot with you is so much fun! From the personal touches, like coffee made just for me, to picking out jewelry like a little girl playing dress up, and then feeling like a supermodel for a's such a wonderful treat! I love working with you and then of course, the crown jewel...the photos. I see someone at her absolute best, her shiniest. I see someone who is capable of anything! I see a strong woman, comfortable in who she is. I see someone who gives her all for her family and her clients. And I believe my clients can see that, too. Thank you for your talent, for your professionalism, for your kindness, and your encouragements. I have no doubt in my mind that I wouldn't be where I am without you."


Jen, New mommy, entrepreneur

"Our experience with Carla and Besame Mucho Photography was absolutely amazing from consultation to choosing and receiving prints! I had a vision and she helped make that dream glamour maternity shoot come into fruition! My husband was even excited to take a few shots that turned out perfect and are displayed in our home to remember the beautiful pregnancy we experienced. I looked exactly how I imagined and never felt better! I loved how professional, thoughtful, personal, honest and all around great Carla was! I am happy to have these memories forever thanks to BesameMucho photography.

Nadine, Mommy, Teacher

"Once again my baby sister has made me feel so much pride. Carla's passion over photography began as a little girl. I remember that she would love to collect as many family pictures as her little hands could get a hold of. 
Her vision as a photographer feels me with so much joy, just like she says "every woman is BEAUTIFUL." 
Regardless of what the magazines' ideas of beauty are. Now, I know that I am my own beauty and feel ecstatic and much more confidant of the beauty in me. And for that my sissy I am forever thankful to you. I am in love with her vision, her talent and the force she carries to reach every woman that she can to show them how extremely beautiful we are. 
It was an honor to be her first "model," we had a blast and so many laughs."

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Sandie, Mom, Esthetician 

"From the minute I walked into her house she had a big smile on her face and gave me a warm hug. I was a little nervous since I hadn't done a photo shoot for many moons, but with her sense of humor and warmth I was able relax in no time!  She has a way to accentuate whatever body type you might have and make you look amazing!! She has a gift for what she does and makes her clients feel  very comfortable which together make beautiful natural looking pictures. One other thing, you will be laughing cause she's super funny..."



Dianey, Mom, Terrific Planner

"I loved getting my hair done and getting dressed into a gorgeous dress. As a stay at home mom I don't get dolled up all the time and that made me feel super special. I was so comfortable in my own skin thanks to your kindness and encouragement.  I appreciate that you did not rush me and you found the best angles and poses to work for my body type. When it came to the photos of my girls and my family I again couldn't be happier. You were extremely patient with my little ones and again gave them time to adjust. Their photos are amazing and I love every single one of them. My favorite pictures would have to be the family photo because well aside of being gorgeous it's my family, I love every single one of the one of my girls photos. As far as mine I love them all as well but if I had to choose I would have to say the one where I"m on the couch with a slight smile. But that's only if I had to choose cause they are all amazing. I think you are amazing at what you do and will be looking forward to another session with you."


Marysol, Mom, Model

"Carla went above and beyond the call of duty as a photographer. We met several times before our actual session to ensure we would be a good team. She even took me shopping so we could select attire that suits my body. I had previous experiences with photographers and I mentioned to her what I didn't want in our session. She nailed itThe pictures she took are of high quality. They accentuate my body. She made this photoshoot personal and it reflects my personality. I loved it! She also knows how to pose so she helps you along the way while shooting. I'm a model who was looking to enhance my modeling portfolio. Her pictures have been an amazing addition. I've had so many great comments.
She's of course professional but she's caring, funny, organized and very inspiring. I loved working with her!"


Eva, Music Producer

"Carla was amazing and so much fun to work with! I had an incredible experience from our first conversation on the phone to the delivery of the photographs. She made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process and her direction during the session eased my worries of the photographs looking staged. She is a perfectionist and will take as many photographs necessary to get the perfect shot.

She is very aware of textures and backgrounds and has a keen eye for wardrobe as she helped me pick and accessorized my outfits. She definitely goes the extra step to provide perfect photos. As a person who is not a model, she was able to bring out and capture the best in me. The turnaround of the photographs was fast. My session could not have gone any better.

Carla is a brilliant photographer. I highly recommend using her for your photo shoot, you'll be glad you did!"


Lily, Mom, Full Time employee

"Carla, the owner and photographer is awesome! She is so energetic, professional, and so full of life. She radiates all these wonderful vibes to her photo subjects. Ladies, if you ever thought of having glamour boudoir or special occasion photos done, look no further, call Carla at Besame Mucho Photography for Women to schedule your photo shoot. Trust me, you won't regret it."