First Impressions Count

When presenting your business in the market through printed materials, social media or website, your headshot is very important because it will give your client first impression. Think of a Headshot as your billboard, it makes your business stand out from the rest & your customer can easily identify your company.

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Come in for an unforgettable Day. You will have an extraordinary makeover with our Glam Team. We will help you with your wardrobe & will style your epic outfits. I will walk you through every pose & every expression so you can look gorgeous in every portrait. 

Session is  $399. The session comes with complimentary (free) Hair & Makeup Makeover (2 looks, professional & glamorous), wardrobe consultation & stylist as well. It also includes a free consultation & Image reveal session. I highly recommend an in studio consultation, where we can discuss your photoshoot & pricing.

Please fill out the form below, send me your phone number & best time to call you. 

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